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October, 2009

Can Ricart Sports Center (Wednesday, October 07, 2009)
"The requirement was a public sports center for a socially difficult area. So it had to be cheap, it had to be integrative, and it had to be easy to use, with clear distribution.", says vora arquitectura on Can Ricart Sports Center.

O House (Wednesday, October 07, 2009)
"The lake side with superb mountain views of the Rigi and the Bürgenstock shows off a protruding, glistering loggia made of round glass bricks.", says Philippe Stuebi Architekten GmbH on O House.

Blaas (Wednesday, October 07, 2009)
"The projects Blaas is the fruit of a special focus to the client's needs, the context and the utilization.", says monovolume architecture + design on Blaas.

Villa F (Wednesday, October 07, 2009)
"The villa is designed together with the other peripheral houses on the island, it forms a series of slender and shallow buildings.", says JJSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv) on Villa F.

Geuzentuinen (Wednesday, October 07, 2009)
"The Geuzentuinen plan is part of the urban restructuring programme for Geuzenveld and other western garden suburbs.", says FARO Architecten on Geuzentuinen.

Sports Centre and Covered Swimming Pool (Wednesday, October 07, 2009)
"The project is located on a spare plot of regular land, its access point giving onto the main street, and closing off to the north of the Bilbao-San Sebastian motorway.", says AH Asociados on Sports Centre and Covered Swimming Pool .

Gagosian Gallery (Tuesday, October 06, 2009)
"The new Roman gallery is both highly representative and technologically advanced. Adapting to the various installations’ requirement, it is highly customizable", says Officina Del Disegno Srl on Gagosian Gallery.

L House (Tuesday, October 06, 2009)
"The space allocation plan was incorporated in this sculptural body by the method of hollow out.", says Philippe Stuebi Architekten GmbH on L House.

Bookstore of Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Tuesday, October 06, 2009)
"The Palazzo delle Esposizioni bookstore is part of a more general renovation project.", says Officina Del Disegno Srl on Bookstore of Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

Bombolla animac (Tuesday, October 06, 2009)
"The requirement was that the balloon had to identify Lleida’s International Animated Film Festival - Animac. Placed on public space, this element had to represent, from the outside, the festival.", says vora arquitectura on Bombolla animac.

Draeger House (Tuesday, October 06, 2009)
"The holiday house sits as walkable sculptural building in the strong landscape with a square ruin, old retaining walls, large rocks as well as olive groves and oak tree forests.", says Philippe Stuebi Architekten GmbH on Draeger House.

House 108 (Tuesday, October 06, 2009)
"The three panes are sliding and they can be hidden within the ventilated chamber of the facade, therefore obtaining complete openings on the construction which intensify the relationship with the environment and the perception of the walls.", says H Arquitectes on House 108.

Cradle to cradle camping (Tuesday, October 06, 2009)
"The exclusive design of the structures should become part of the identity of Staatsbosbeheer. The sustainable elements are integrated in the design and aren’t recognizable as such. The furniture has been designed together with the client and form an integral part of the design.", says FARO Architecten on Cradle to cradle camping.

Granatum - Granada Performing Arts Centre (Tuesday, October 06, 2009)
"The honeycomb grid is adopted as the best way to connect spaces at different heights and to organize the whole audience.", says AH Asociados on Granatum - Granada Performing Arts Centre.

Philippe Stuebi Architekten GmbH (Tuesday, October 06, 2009)
Profile of the Swiss architecture firm Philippe Stuebi Architekten GmbH

vora arquitectura (Monday, October 05, 2009)
Profile of the Portuguese architecture firm vora arquitectura, led by Pere Buil Castells, Jordi Fornells Castello and Toni Riba Gali.

spAce (Monday, October 05, 2009)
Profile of the Mexican architecture firm spAce. led by Juan Carlos Baumgartner Garcia.

Skyline Design (Monday, October 05, 2009)
Profile of the Greek architecture firm Skyline Design, led by Nancy Sakka.

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos (Monday, October 05, 2009)
Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos, led by Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco and Rafael Monjaraz Fuentes.

S3NS | Igor Kazmierczak Architect (Monday, October 05, 2009)
Profile of the Polish architecture firm S3NS | Igor Kazmierczak Architect

Rijnboutt (Monday, October 05, 2009)
Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Rijnboutt, led by Mattijs A. Rijnboutt.

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