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May, 2007

Casa Tomasi (Thursday, May 31, 2007)
An egg shaped kitchen emerges as the functional and spatial focal point in this renovated apartment in Piamborno, Italy.

Studio Architettura Massimo Nodari (Thursday, May 31, 2007)
Profile of the Italian architectural office Studio Architettura Massimo Nodari.

Roberts Street Chaplet (Monday, May 28, 2007)
A mobile studio, the Roberts Street Chaplet merges the simplest of forms with the smartest of materials to create a unique workspace for the artist.

JLG Architects (Monday, May 28, 2007)
Profile of the American architectural practice JLG Architects.

Cuneo Multipurpose Sports Center (Sunday, May 27, 2007)
The program is reinterpreted into a number of functional volumes that individually respond to the natural landscape in this design by Italian firm Nicoletta Oddera + Fulvio Quattroccolo.

K B Center Library Building (Friday, May 25, 2007)
A contemporary architectural vocabulary is delicately inserted into the historical fabric in the design for a new library building in the Italian city of Gorizia.

Waltritsch A+U (Friday, May 25, 2007)
Profile of the Italian architectural practice Waltritsch A+U led by Dimitri Waltritsch.

Gobble (Thursday, May 24, 2007)
The Gobble range of coat racks and hangers provides an efficient and versatile solution to storage allowing for a manifold increase in its capacity.

Bernstrand & Co (Thursday, May 24, 2007)
Profile of the Swedish design studio Bernstrand & Co., led by architect Thomas Bernstrand.

Petrovouni (Monday, May 21, 2007)
The footprint of a Byzantine house from the 17th century emerges as the defining parameter in this design for a single family residence in the Greek village of Aghia Sophia.

Aiolou Architects (Monday, May 21, 2007)
Profile of the Greek architecture firm Aiolou Architects, founded by Eleni Tsigarida.

Kristall Chandelier (Sunday, May 20, 2007)
The chandelier is redefined as a light fixture in this design that merges the age old format with modern lighting technology.

Lyx Furniture & Light (Sunday, May 20, 2007)
Profile of the Swedish product design studio, Lyx Furniture & Light.

Netherlands Public Broadcasting Head Office (Friday, May 18, 2007)
Colorful accents and superimposed images help project the client's identity through the space occupied in this design by COEN! Agency For Design.

COEN! Agency For Design (Friday, May 18, 2007)
Profile of the innovative Dutch design agency COEN!

InLull (Thursday, May 17, 2007)
A single sheet of polyurethane or plywood is bent to create the InLull bench inspired by organic forms.

Dot Kite (Thursday, May 17, 2007)
Profile of the dynamic Dutch design consultany Dot Kite.

Farm Holiday Center (Monday, May 14, 2007)
Borrowing from the natural surround, this design for an extension to the Farm Holiday Center establishes an interesting dialogue with its context.

Officina Del Disegno Srl (Monday, May 14, 2007)
Profile of the Italian architectural office -- Officina Del Disegno Srl -- founded by Firouz Galdo, Carmelo Costanzo and Filippo Felli.

Earth Song (Saturday, May 12, 2007)
The extension to this vineyard in Barolo is conceived as another fold in the natural terrain, rising from and connected to its existing context.

Archicura - Dellapiana Bermond Architetti (Saturday, May 12, 2007)
Profile of the Italian architecture firm Archicura - Dellapiana Bermond Architetti, founded by architects Paolo Dellapiana and Francesco Bermond des Ambrois.

Private Residence, Altadena (Friday, May 11, 2007)
The interiors of a house open up to its enhanced surroundings in this simple yet elegant design for remodeling a private residence in California.

(FER) Studio (Friday, May 11, 2007)
(FER) Studio, LLP - Form Environment Research is a group of creative individuals focused on improving and expanding the quality of life through experimental approaches to contemporary design.

BLOOMFRAME® (Thursday, May 10, 2007)
The BLOOMFRAME® breaks out of the 2-dimensional facade to add to the usable space in this innovative design by Hofman Dujardin Architects.

Hofman Dujardin Architects (Thursday, May 10, 2007)
Profile of the Dutch architecture practice - Hofman Dujardin Architects.

Double Jeopardy (Monday, May 07, 2007)
Technology and workmanship come together in this refreshingly creative design for two student lounges at the Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning.

PEG Office Of Landscape + Architecture (Monday, May 07, 2007)
Profile of USA based PEG office of landscape + architecture founded by Karen M'Closkey, Jeff Sharpe and Keith VanDerSys.

Sabic Europe Head Office (Friday, May 04, 2007)
With the design deriving from the core values of the client, space is personalized to a whole new level in the new European head office of the Saudi-Arabian company Sabic.

GROUP A (Friday, May 04, 2007)
Profile of GROUP A, the Dutch architecture studio led by Adam Visser, Folkert van Hagen, Maarten van Bremen and Philip Vencken.

Malibu 5 (Wednesday, May 02, 2007)
Kanner Architects utilize natural resources to the maximum in their design for the Malibu 5 residence.

Kanner Architects (Wednesday, May 02, 2007)
Profile of the American architecture firm Kanner Architects, led by Stephen H. Kanner.

4+ (Tuesday, May 01, 2007)
Interactive panels inform the children of their perception of light and color in this game designed by Italian designer Alessandra Giannini

Studio Ala-g (Tuesday, May 01, 2007)
Profile of the Italian architectural and design practice Studio Ala-g, founded by architect Alessandra Giannini.

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