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November, 2006

Private Residence, Minneapolis (Thursday, November 30, 2006)
Designed by oslund.and.assoc, this rooftop conversion of a historic landmark building into a private residence creates a moment of respite in the busy skyline of Minneapolis.

Lucy - hammock for one tree (Tuesday, November 28, 2006)
Designed by designstudio LUCY.D, Lucy is a hammock that doesn't require the usual two trees for its functioning. Depending on the height at which it is suspended, the hammock provides for various usage possibilities.

Eero Saarinen (Friday, November 24, 2006)
Eero Saarinen was one of the world's most celebrated architects at the time of his tragic death. This volume is the most thorough monograph to be published to date on Eero Saarinen and the first major publication on the architect in 40 years.

Casa En Playa Blanca (A house looking at the ocean) (Wednesday, November 22, 2006)
"When a beach house is designed, the first thing in mind is the view to the ocean. So we came up with a basic white box. This was then perforated with various shapes to allow for interesting ocean sights." says Jose Orrego of Metropolis Consultora.

oslund.and.assoc. (Monday, November 20, 2006)
"A studio, by definition, is a space for the study of an art; a space that is infused with an enthusiasm and devotion to a particular subject - in our case - the thoughtful and innovative act of making place." Says Tom Oslund of oslund.and.assoc, USA.

More Paperwork (Saturday, November 18, 2006)
Paper is generally presumed to be the stock-in-trade of the graphic design profession. More Paperwork shows that paper can be used to create functional, exciting and innovative designs in product, furniture, fashion and architecture.

OYON and Be Eve (Thursday, November 16, 2006)
Designed by Michael Bihain, both these products essentially work as wall hangings. Calling them 'mural fruit holders' the designer infuses the design with an altogether different context and meaning.

Juarez Complex, Mexico City (Monday, November 13, 2006)
With the specific task of regenerating the historical centre of Mexico City, the architects boldly conceived of this mixed-use complex as a series of open spaces, passages and plazas, crowned by two brightly coloured towers to house government offices.

Brazil's Modern Architecture (Friday, November 10, 2006)
This multi-author book is a study of Brazilian architecture in the twentieth-century, from the first modern houses of the 1920s and Le Corbusier's seminal visits to the country, through the well-known 'heroic' period of the 1940s-1950s and its crisis post-1964 up to contemporary developments.

UQAM City Forest (Wednesday, November 08, 2006)
Highlights of UQAM's (L'Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada) landscape design, created by Montreal-based landscape firm 'Claude Cormier Architectes Paysagistes', include a "city forest" composed of five exotic species and 166 trees that create a serene canopy within a criss-crossing net of pathways across the campus.

Future Systems (Monday, November 06, 2006)
Organized according to theme, this book, presents well-known and some previously unpublished works of Future Systems, an architectural and design practice, who have rocked the architectural world with their daring forms and inventive design philosophy.

Villa - Old Oaks (Saturday, November 04, 2006)
The natural surround emerges as the pivotal element around which the design and resultant spaces organize themselves in this competition winning entry by Ofis Architects for a villa in Slovenia.

Spoon (Thursday, November 02, 2006)
Spoon provides an up-to-the-minute, global overview of industrial product design and presents the work of 100 contemporary designers who are at the forefront of innovative developments in this field.

City Fox (Wednesday, November 01, 2006)
Designed by Designstudio LUCY.D, City Fox is a flexible belt system for handbags. With a short, strong pull the belt can be made longer or shorter depending on user preferences.

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