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Mexican Architecture

Architecture of Architects from Mexico

This is a listing of architectural projects designed by Mexican architects along with their firm profiles.

Mexican architects

Architecture-Page | spAce, Mexico


Profile of the Mexican architecture firm spAce. led by Juan Carlos Baumgartner Garcia. More

Architecture-Page | Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos, Mexico

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos, led by Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco and Rafael Monjaraz Fuentes. More

Architecture-Page | INTELARQ, Mexico


Profile of the Mexican architecture firm INTELARQ, led by Hugo Walter Bottle, Herman Olaf Bottle, Raul Bottle Fernandez, and Mercedes Castro Westendarp. More

Architecture-Page | Anonimous-LED, Mexico


Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Anonimous-LED, led by Alfonso Jimenez, Marco Velazquez, Jorge Plascencia. More

Architecture-Page | Arquitectos Interiores, S.C.P., Mexico

Arquitectos Interiores, S.C.P.

Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Arquitectos Interiores, S.C.P. More

Architecture-Page | Buscando la Aurora, Mexico

Buscando la Aurora

Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Buscando la Aurora, founded by Carlos Coronel and Hector de la Pena. More

Architecture-Page | Duarte Aznar Arquitectos S.C.P., Mexico

Duarte Aznar Arquitectos S.C.P.

Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Duarte Aznar Arquitectos S.C.P., founded by Enrique Duarte Aznar. More

Architecture-Page | usoarquitectura, Mexico


Profile of the Mexican architecture firm usoarquitectura, led by Fernando Castanon and Gabriel Salazar. More

Architecture-Page | PRODUCTORA, Mexico


Profile of the Mexican architecture firm PRODUCTORA, led by Carlos Bedoya Ikeda, Abel Perles, Victor Manuel Jaime Tello and Wonne Ickx. More

Architecture-Page | Hierve-Diseneria, Mexico


Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Hierve-Diseneria, led by Alejandro Villarreal. More

Architecture-Page | bgp arquitectura, Mexico

bgp arquitectura

Profile of the Mexican architecture firm bgp (Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta) arquitectura. More

Architecture-Page | at 103, Mexico

at 103

Profile of the Mexican architecture firm at 103, founded by Julio Amezcua and Francisco Pardo. More

Architecture-Page | JHG Jorge Hernandez De La Garza, Mexico

JHG Jorge Hernandez De La Garza

Profile of the Mexican architecture firm founded by Jorge Hernandez De La Garza. More

Architecture-Page | Gracia Studio, Mexico

Gracia Studio

Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Gracia Studio, founded by Jorge and Javier Gracia. More

Architecture-Page | Pascal Arquitectos, Mexico

Pascal Arquitectos

Profile of the Mexican architecture firm Pascal Arquitectos. More

Architecture-Page | Legorreta + Legorreta Architects, Mexico

Legorreta + Legorreta Architects

With more than 200 projects to its credit, 'Legorreta + Legorreta' has a comprehensive portfolio of works at all scales, worldwide. More

Architecture-Page | LAR/Fernando Romero, Mexico

LAR/Fernando Romero

Profile of Laboratory of Architecture (LAR) founded in 2005 by architect Fernando Romero. More

Projects by Mexican architects

Architecture-Page | Todos Santos by Gracia Studio

Todos Santos

"The client required a house that is open to nature and at the same time is secure because it will be used only for vacationing and will be unused during 8 months of the year.", says Gracia Studio on Todos Santos. More

Architecture-Page | Zagreb Office Building by Anonimous-LED

Zagreb Office Building

"Three boxes -- one of glass, one of wood and one of steel -- float over the hill reaching out into the nature-reserve landscape beyond. The boxes are joined by a concrete element that by means of roof, wall and floor embraces architecture and irradiates nature.", says Anonimous-LED on Zagreb Office Building. More

Architecture-Page | Casa Moro by Anonimous-LED

Casa Moro

"The house is made of concrete. The ceiling and the floor are covered by wood. The corridor walls are covered by slate slabs. The dining room and the living room are separated by a onyx slab suspended by metal posts.", says Anonimous-LED on Casa Moro. More

Architecture-Page | Anacom Membranas Warehouse by Anonimous-LED

Anacom Membranas Warehouse

"The concept of the project is based on movement and fluency.", says Anonimous-LED on Anacom Membranas Warehouse. More

Architecture-Page | El Campanario, Queretaro, Qro. Mexico by Anonimous-LED

El Campanario, Queretaro, Qro. Mexico

"The site has an extremely narrow funneled access that leads into a 50mX35m rectangular area. It has a back view towards the 18th hole of the golf course and the far away hills. The program is organized inside a container which is an open, fluid, continuous space; and it’s interrupted only by holes and volumes that float.", says Anonimous-LED on El Campanario, Queretaro, Qro. Mexico. More

Architecture-Page | Casa Y by Anonimous-LED

Casa Y

"The client is a just married couple." says Anonimous-LED on Casa Y. More

Architecture-Page | Corporativo IXE/BANCODEUNO by usoarquitectura


"The history of a great project is usually the history of a great client; one who is willing to use architecture and to assume the risks involved in good ideas." says usoarquitectura on Corporativo IXE/BANCODEUNO. More

Architecture-Page | Liverpool by Hierve-Diseneria


"The concept, on the other hand was to conceive an architectural volume that could settle a gentle dialogue with the surrounding urban context, which belongs to a historically protected area of the city." says Hierve-Diseneria on Liverpool More

Architecture-Page | Maharam by usoarquitectura


"A showroom is a big challenge both for the client and the designer. The first wants all his products and services as the most important issue of the interior design language." says usoarquitectura on Maharam. More

Architecture-Page | Rotoplas by usoarquitectura


"The biggest challenge in the project was to develop a corporate interior design in which it is possible to feel the movement of water." says usoarquitectura on Rotoplas. More

Architecture-Page | Hesiodo by Hierve-Diseneria


"The building is bounded by a single family home to the west and a convenience store to the east and south." says Hierve-Diseneria on Hesiodo. More

Architecture-Page | Depa H by Hierve-Diseneria

Depa H

"The project consists in the interior design of an apartment, where the main element is a wooden mantle that extends itself throughout the apartment hosting the main space (bed, dining room, kitchen, and living room) continuing out to the exterior, thus creating an open air terrace." says Hierve-Diseneria on Depa H. More

Architecture-Page | Zacatecas by bgp arquitectura


"The street will become a street of lights by using glazed surfaces with different levels of transparency and translucency, reflecting sunlight. The project has 32 departments on 4 levels, in addition to the existing house that will be restored." says bgp arquitectura on Zacatecas. More

Architecture-Page | Taller HDX by bgp arquitectura

Taller HDX

"The guest's room skin is a red channeled plate that aims to create shadows on the box's surface, while contrasting with the deep surrounding vegetation." says bgp arquitectura on Taller HDX. More

Architecture-Page | Reforma Theater by bgp arquitectura

Reforma Theater

"This is a restoration made in the interior of a theater, constructed in the middle of the last century by the architect Carlos Obregon Santacilia, as part of the main building for the Mexican Institute of Social Security." says bgp arquitectura on Reforma Theater. More

Architecture-Page | Luis Barragan House by bgp arquitectura

Luis Barragan House

"The project is located on a sloped site in the suburbs of the city of Guadalajara, with a fantastic view to a beautiful green area and the city." says bgp arquitectura on Luis Barragan House. More

Architecture-Page | IFAL Theater by bgp arquitectura

IFAL Theater

"The remodeling consisted of updating equipment, seats, all finishes and accessories to recover functionality and versatility to new programs." says bgp arquitectura on IFAL Theater. More

Architecture-Page | Habita by bgp arquitectura


"From a distance, the clean new facade appears to be an expressionless mask, but this impression is undone at closer range as the shadows of walkways and balconies and their inhabitation become visible." says bgp arquitectura on Habita. More

Architecture-Page | GDL1 House by bgp arquitectura

GDL1 House

"The project is located on a sloped site in the suburbs of the city of Guadalajara, with a fantastic view to a beautiful green area and the city." says bgp arquitectura on GDL1 House. More

Architecture-Page |

"Ave Fenix" Fire Station

"The design chosen for the fire station is that of a simple high box that almost disappears after the facade, which plays with the context in a game of reflections..." says bgp arquitectura on "Ave Fenix" Fire Station. More

Architecture-Page | Calderon de la Barca by bgp arquitectura

Calderon de la Barca

"The building is located in the area of Polanco, a hip neighborhood in Mexico City between two parks. The project consists of three apartments and a 30's house that has been protected by the Institute of Beaux Arts and has to be restored." says bgp arquitectura on Calderon de la Barca. More

Architecture-Page | Plaka Comex Pavilion by JHG Jorge Hernandez De La Garza

Plaka Comex Pavilion

"The versatility, flexibility and facility to apply the product were the guidelines of design for this showroom; the intention was to show the product, the new launchings and the facility in its application." says JHG - Jorge Hernandez De La Garza on Plaka Comex Pavilion. More

Architecture-Page | AV House by bgp arquitectura

AV House

"The project is a redesign of a house from the 70's - of no significant architectural value - located in front of one of the most important avenues of the city." says bgp arquitectura on AV House. More

Architecture-Page | Casa Becerril by Gracia Studio

Casa Becerril

Designed by Gracia Studio, Casa Becerril is a singly family house, located in Tijuana. More

Architecture-Page | GOR Building by Pascal Arquitectos

GOR Building

Designed by Pascal Arquitectos, GOR Building needed to meet certain thermo-acoustic requirements according to its regional location. The architect achieved this by using a highly effective energy saving hermetic facade. More

Architecture-Page | Ixtapa House by Fernando Romero/LAR

Ixtapa House

Adopting traditional sensibilities of spatial planning and construction, the Ixtapa House emerges as an impressive and magnificent sea-side residential unit with a highly modest architectural vocabulary. More

Architecture-Page | Juarez Complex, Mexico City, Mexico by Legorreta + Legorreta Architects

Juarez Complex, Mexico City

With the specific task of regenerating the historical centre of Mexico City, the architects boldly conceived of this mixed-use complex as a series of open spaces, passages and plazas, crowned by two brightly coloured towers to house government offices. More

Architecture-Page | UCSF Community Center, San Francisco by Legorreta + Legorreta Architects

UCSF Community Center

Located in one of the largest developments of San Francisco, the UCSF Community Center has been conceived to be the heart of the campus where students, faculty and community come together to enjoy, socialize and interact. More

Architecture-Page | Sheraton Abandoibarra Hotel, Bilbao, Spain by Legorreta + Legorreta Architects

Sheraton Abandoibarra Hotel, Bilbao

The hotel is part of the new Ria 2000 master plan of the City of Bilbao, several blocks away from the Guggenheim Museum. Inspired by the work of the artist Chillida and the solid roots, history and culture of the Basque Country, the building is treated like a solid stone block, relieved by a lattice of perforations. More

Architecture-Page | Orozco House by LAR / Fernando Romero

Orozco House

Designed by LAR, this design comes across as imaginative and quirky. We were very taken by the humorous story of this design from evolution to its not so complete end. More

Architecture-Page | Bridging Tea House by LAR / Fernando Romero

Bridging Tea House

This project explores the typological interaction between the conceived forms of a teahouse and a bridge. Simply said, that means it tries to find the common ground between the two very familiar (at least in the Chinese culture), and thus difficult symbols. More

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