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German Architecture

Architecture of Architects from Germany

This is a listing of architectural projects designed by German architects along with their firm profiles.

German architects

Architecture-Page | Alexander Brenner Architect, Germany

Alexander Brenner Architect

Profile of the German architecture firm founded by Alexander Brenner. More

Architecture-Page | MBA/S Matthias Bauer Associates, Germany

MBA/S Matthias Bauer Associates

Profile of the German architecture firm MBA/S Matthias Bauer Associates. More

Architecture-Page | Kramm & Strigl   Architekten und Planer, Germany

Kramm & Strigl Architekten und Planer

Profile of the German architecture firm Kramm & Strigl Architekten und Planer. More

Architecture-Page | Buro fur Form, Germany

Buro fur Form

Profile of the German design firm Buro fur Form, founded by Constantin Wortmann. More

Architecture-Page |, Germany

Profile of the German architecture firm, founded by Matthias Herrmann and Matthias Koch. More

Architecture-Page | Schoyerer architects BDA, Germany

Schoyerer architects BDA

Profile of the German architectural practice Schoyerer architects BDA founded by Julian Andreas Schoyerer. More

Architecture-Page | KSP Engel und Zimmermann Architects, Germany

KSP Engel und Zimmermann Architects

Profile of KSP Engel und Zimmermann Architects, one of the largest architectural offices in Germany, led by Jurgen Engel and Michael Zimmermann. More

Architecture-Page | SMAQ - architecture urbanism research, Germany + Netherlands

SMAQ - architecture urbanism research

Profile of SMAQ - architecture urbanism research, Germany and Netherlands. More

Architecture-Page | J. MAYER H. Architects, Germany

J. MAYER H. Architects

Profile of J. MAYER H. Architects, Berlin, Germany -- led by Jurgen Mayer H. More

Projects by German architects

Architecture-Page | Klenke Apartment Building by

Klenke Apartment Building

'The mix of tradition coupled with a reduction in opulence typical of traditional construction, causes an overlay of different images of what a house in this neighborhood represents.' - on their design for Klenke Apartment Building. More

Architecture-Page | Villa 57+ by

Villa 57+

"The new building part is of a ‘partly independent shape', which illustrates to the viewer - an extension of the existing building." - on their design Villa 57+. More

Architecture-Page | Ebeling House by

Ebeling House

Ebeling House "looks like a molded wood block, like a prototype", says the architecture firm about it's creation. More

Architecture-Page | WestendDuo by KSP Engel und Zimmermann Architects


The competition winning design for the WestendDuo in Frankfurt adopts a slender formal vocabulary that translates the building from an imposing office tower to a delightful urban landmark. More

Architecture-Page | Frankfurt - Heddernheim Tram Station by Schoyerer architects BDA

Frankfurt - Heddernheim Tram Station

Crisp cubic volumes accentuated by interactive lighting establish the Frankfurt - Heddernheim Tram Station as an ‘urban beacon' in this design by German firm Schoyerer architects BDA. More

Architecture-Page | New Art Museum, Jiangsu by KSP Engel und Zimmermann Architects

New Art Museum, Jiangsu

Flanked by the city's cultural and historical axes on either side, the New Art Museum in Jiangsu turns to its local history for inspiration in its design. More

Architecture-Page | National Library of China by KSP Engel und Zimmermann Architects

National Library of China

The competition winning design for the National Library of China revolves around the library's most prized possession the 'Siku Quanshu' collection evolving as a series of spatial and functional layers around it. More

Architecture-Page | BAD - Public Bath Equipment by SMAQ

BAD - Public Bath Equipment

Architects Sabine Mueller and Andreas Quednau explore an innovative formal vocabulary within a sustainable framework to create not just a functional bathing unit, but a public landmark within the site. More

Architecture-Page | Metropol Parasol by J. MAYER H. Architects

Metropol Parasol

Parasols grow out of an archeological excavation site into a contemporary landmark, as architect Jurgen Mayer articulates and reinvents the Plaza de la Encarnacion in Sevilla, Spain through his competition winning design. More

Architecture-Page | Rotor Penthouse by J. MAYER H. Architects

Rotor Penthouse

Developing "a new proto-programmatical penthouse" architect Jurgen Mayer dissolves traditional spaces and programs into an inventive new strategy for this urban apartment in Denmark. More

Architecture-Page | In Heat Installation by J. MAYER H. Architects

In Heat

Architect Jurgen Mayer explores newer boundaries in architectural design and context through this installation that gains immediacy and an uncanny effect by registering touch as a fleeting trace. More

Architecture-Page | Dupli.Casa, Villa MRMM, by Jurgen Mayer H

Dupli.Casa, Villa MRMM

Reset into a sinuous silhouette, the newly designed villa for a private client emerges as a classic example of architect Jurgen Mayer's prowess in weaving together spatial and formal configurations. More

Architecture-Page | Mensa Moltke, University Karlsruhe by J. MAYER H. Architects

Mensa Moltke, University Karlsruhe

Having won the international competition staged by the city of Karlsruhe, architect Jurgen Mayer engraves his signature style into the heart of the city campus, responding to the urban and social fabric through his design. More

Architecture-Page |, Scharnhauser Park, Stuttgart, Germany by J. MAYER H. Architects

Municipal administration, civil services, a public library, an art gallery, classrooms for music lessons and evening school, a wedding room, office space, sports facilities and a multipurpose hall, create the multifunctional More

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