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Dutch Architecture

Architecture of Architects from Netherlands

This is a listing of architectural projects designed by Dutch architects along with their firm profiles.

Dutch architects

Architecture-Page | Rijnboutt, Netherlands


Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Rijnboutt, led by Mattijs A. Rijnboutt. More

Architecture-Page | +31ARCHITECTS, Netherlands


Profile of the Dutch architecture firm +31ARCHITECTS, founded by Jasper Suasso de Lima de Prado and Jorrit Houwert. More

Architecture-Page | i29 | interior architects, Netherlands

i29 | interior architects

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm i29 | interior architects, founded by Jaspar Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen. More

Architecture-Page | NEXT architects, Netherlands

NEXT architects

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm NEXT architects, led by Bart Reuser, Marijn Schenk, Michel Schreinemachers and John van de Water. More

Architecture-Page | Dick van Gameren architecten, Netherlands

Dick van Gameren architecten

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Dick van Gameren architecten. More

Architecture-Page | Mecanoo architecten b.v., Netherlands

Mecanoo architecten b.v.

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo Architecten, led by Francine M.J. Houben. More

Architecture-Page | LIAG architects

LIAG architects

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm LIAG architects, led by Erik Schotte and Maarten Grasveld. More

Architecture-Page | FARO architecten, Netherlands

FARO architecten

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm FARO architecten. More

Architecture-Page | UArchitects, Netherlands


Profile of the Dutch architecture firm UArchitects, led by Emile van Vugt and Misak Terzibasiyan. More

Architecture-Page | Allard Architecture, Netherlands

Allard Architecture

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Allard Architecture, led by Allard Meine Jansen. More

Architecture-Page | gpa architecten bna, Netherlands

gpa architecten bna

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm gpa architecten bna, led by Van Veen. More

Architecture-Page | Rijnboutt Van der Vossen Rijnboutt bv, Netherlands

Rijnboutt Van der Vossen Rijnboutt bv

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Rijnboutt Van der Vossen Rijnboutt bv. More

Architecture-Page | N2 architekten, Netherlands

N2 architekten

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm N2 architekten More

Architecture-Page | Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp, Netherlands

Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp. More

Architecture-Page | JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv), Netherlands

JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv)

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv). Led by Jeroen Schipper and Stijnie Lohof. More

Architecture-Page | WHIM architecture, Netherlands

WHIM architecture

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm WHIM architecture founded by Ramon Knoester. More

Architecture-Page | JagerJanssen architects BNA, Netherlands

JagerJanssen architects BNA

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm JagerJanssen architects BNA, founded by Rogier Janssen and Alex Jager. More

Architecture-Page | NIO architecten, Netherlands

NIO architecten

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm NIO architecten, led by Maurice Nio and Joan Almekinders. More

Architecture-Page | UNStudio, Netherlands


Profile of the Dutch architecture firm UNStudio, founded by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos. More

Architecture-Page | Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter b.v., Netherlands

Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter b.v.

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter b.v. More

Architecture-Page | Johan De Wachter Architects, Netherlands

Johan De Wachter Architects

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Johan De Wachter Architects. More

Architecture-Page | Studio Ramin Visch, Netherlands

Studio Ramin Visch

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Studio Ramin Visch. More

Architecture-Page | Ronald Janssen Architecten, Netherlands

Ronald Janssen Architecten

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Ronald Janssen Architecten. More

Architecture-Page | Casanova + Hernandez Architects, Netherlands

Casanova + Hernandez Architects

Profile of the Dutch architecture and urban planning office Casanova + Hernandez Architects. More

Architecture-Page | DP6 architecture studio, Netherlands

DP6 architecture studio

Based out of Netherlands, DP6 architecture studio's work has strong bonds with the landscape and the environment. More

Architecture-Page | Thomas Laurens, Netherlands

Thomas Laurens

Profile of the Dutch designer Thomas Laurens. More

Architecture-Page | Geen Punt Architecten BNA, Netherlands

Geen Punt Architecten BNA

Profile of the Dutch architecture firm Geen Punt Architecten. More

Architecture-Page | Bureau SLA, Netherlands

Bureau SLA

Profile of the Dutch architectural office Bureau SLA headed by architect Peter van Assche. More

Architecture-Page | COEN! Agency For Design, Netherlands

COEN! Agency For Design

Profile of the innovative Dutch design agency COEN! More

Architecture-Page | Dot Kite, Netherlands

Dot Kite

Profile of the dynamic Dutch design consultany Dot Kite. More

Architecture-Page | Hofman Dujardin Architects, Netherlands

Hofman Dujardin Architects

Profile of the Dutch architecture practice - Hofman Dujardin Architects. More

Architecture-Page | GROUP A, Netherlands


Profile of GROUP A, the Dutch architecture studio led by Adam Visser, Folkert van Hagen, Maarten van Bremen and Philip Vencken. More

Architecture-Page | MDL Architecten, Netherlands

MDL Architecten

Profile of the Dutch architectural office, MDL Architecten. More

Architecture-Page | Hans Moor Architects, Netherlands

Hans Moor Architects

Profile of the Rotterdam, Netherlands based Hans Moor Architects, an office for architecture and urban design. More

Architecture-Page | M+R interior architects, Netherlands

M+R interior architects

Profile of the young Dutch design firm M+R interior architects. More

Architecture-Page | ONL [Oosterhuis_Lenard], Netherlands

ONL [Oosterhuis_Lenard]

Profile of Netherlands based architecture firm ONL [Oosterhuis_Lenard] More

Architecture-Page | West 8 urban design & landscape architecture b.v., Netherlands

West 8 urban design & landscape architecture b.v.

Based out of Netherlands, West 8 is an urban design & landscape architecture firm established since 1987. More

Architecture-Page | OMA, Netherlands


The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) was founded by Rem Koolhaas in 1975 together with Elia and Zoe Zenghelis and Madelon Vriesendorp. Having won many prestigious awards, OMA has built many critical projects world wide. More

Projects by Dutch architects

Architecture-Page | Villa F by JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv)

Villa F

"The villa is designed together with the other peripheral houses on the island, it forms a series of slender and shallow buildings.", says JJSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv) on Villa F. More

Architecture-Page | Geuzentuinen by FARO Architecten


"The Geuzentuinen plan is part of the urban restructuring programme for Geuzenveld and other western garden suburbs.", says FARO Architecten on Geuzentuinen. More

Architecture-Page | Cradle to cradle camping by FARO architecten

Cradle to cradle camping

"The exclusive design of the structures should become part of the identity of Staatsbosbeheer. The sustainable elements are integrated in the design and aren’t recognizable as such. The furniture has been designed together with the client and form an integral part of the design.", says FARO Architecten on Cradle to cradle camping. More

Architecture-Page | Periodontal practice, Utrecht by JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv)

Periodontal practice, Utrecht

"The client wanted a large scale renovation and upgrading of an existing periodontal practice in the post-war Kanaleneil and neighbourhood in Utrecht.", says JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten BV) on Periodontal practice, Utrecht. More

Architecture-Page | Netherlands Music Broadcasting Centre, by COEN! Agency For Design

Netherlands Music Broadcasting Centre

Netherlands Music Broadcasting Centre, Hilversum, Netherlands, by COEN! Agency For Design More

Architecture-Page | Dutch Embassy by Dick van Gameren architecten

Dutch Embassy

"The site of the Dutch embassy consists of five hectares of eucalyptus woods, dropping steeply into a valley. The historic villa on the edge of the site has been expanded, while the embassy and residence of the ambassador, three homes for staff members and the entrance are new." says Dick van Gameren architecten on Dutch Embassy. More

Architecture-Page | 16 houses by Ronald Janssen Architecten

16 houses

"The site is characterized by variable spacing between the houses, the use of front gardens, staggered building lines and T-junctions in the road lay-out to slow down traffic. The houses had to be 120 sq. mt. in total and three stories high. " says Ronald Janssen Architecten on 16 houses. More

Architecture-Page | Shopping centre WimKanPlein Almere by gpa architecten bna

Shopping centre WimKanPlein Almere

"The design is made to connect the shop with the exterior areas of the living area." says gpa architecten bna on Shopping centre WimKanPlein Almere. More

Architecture-Page | Matchbox by Allard Architecture


"The carving out of this atrium further enhances the concept of these stacked and cantilevered boxes, while allowing for total interaction between its users." says Allard Architecture on Matchbox. More

Architecture-Page | New cinema Het Ketelhuis by Studio Ramin Visch

New cinema Het Ketelhuis

"The inner volume contains two 50-seat film auditoriums at ground-floor level with a larger, 143-seat auditorium above them. The connection between these two levels is provided by a freestanding steel staircase that climbs outside of the volume." says Studio Ramin Visch on New cinema Het Ketelhuis More

Architecture-Page | Fish - Still Lifes by Dutch and Flemish Masters 1550-1700 by Studio Ramin Visch

Fish - Still Lifes by Dutch and Flemish Masters 1550-1700

"The exhibition was held in the museum's Stallen section, the former stables, with an area of 1100 m2. Besides still-lifes, the exhibits included preserved fish, mounted fish skeletons and antiquarian books." says Studio Ramin Visch on Fish - Still Lifes by Dutch and Flemish Masters 1550-1700." More

Architecture-Page | Schipper House by JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv)

Schipper House

"The house for the Schipper family in the Matterhornlaan in Venray forms part of an infill plan in the Veltum neighborhood, which involves adding six new plots at the end of the street. To the south, the property borders on the grounds of an existing house and to the west and the north, new houses have been built." says JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv) on Schipper House More

Architecture-Page | Office Dupon by Studio Ramin Visch

Office Dupon

"What Dupon had in mind was a modern open office environment surprising its visitors by the contrast between the outside and the interior." says Studio Ramin Visch on Office Dupon. More

Architecture-Page | Community School, Netherlands by N2 architekten + Mecanoo Architecten

Community School, Netherlands

"A primary school should make a joyous use of space; this spatial aspect of architecture has been utilized to create an adventurous route with exciting vistas." says N2 architekten on the Community School in Netherlands project. More

Architecture-Page | Orthodontist's practice by JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv)

Orthodontist's practice

"The practice for the orthodontist -- or cosmetic dentist -- is located in the outskirts of Zwolle-Zuid." says JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv) on Orthodontist's practice More

Architecture-Page | Media Academy by COEN! Agency for design

Media Academy

"The Media Academy is the leading training institute for the media and is located in a stately villa at the Media Park in Hilversum." says COEN! Agency for design on Media Academy More

Architecture-Page | 2 Apartment Towers by JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten Bv)

2 Apartment Towers

"The plan consists of two apartment towers, each with fourteen apartments, in the 'Vijfhoek' neighbourhood in Deventer." says JSA (Jeroen Schipper Architecten bv) on 2 Apartment Towers. More

Architecture-Page | City Apartment by COEN! Agency for design

City Apartment

"The use of sober colors with colorful accents make it a timeless and stylish residential." says COEN! Agency for design on City Apartment. More

Architecture-Page | Villa Berkel, Veenendaal by Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter

Villa Berkel, Veenendaal

"The family wanted to remodel the bungalow, but decided on the advice of Paul de Ruiter's architectural bureau to demolish the bungalow and make room for a completely new design." says Architectenbureau Paul de Ruiter on Villa Berkel, Veenendaal. More

Architecture-Page | 15 Recreational houses for special target-groups by MDL Architecten

15 Recreational houses for special target-groups

"These particular units are located around a common terrain to create the ability for groups to gather, recreate, barbecue, etc. The smaller units for instance are designed to accomodate single-family usage, by example a family with a disabled member." says MDL Architecten on 15 Recreational houses for special target-groups. More

Architecture-Page | Boulevard Katwijk by Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp

Boulevard Katwijk

"The main starting point was to restore the landscape by re-integrating any cuts into the shore line. The new picture is that of a wavy dune landscape." says Bureau Marlies van Diest Ontwerp on Boulevard Katwijk. More

Architecture-Page | Paradise for Two by NIO architecten

Paradise for Two

'Precisely where the austere lay-out of the peat grass area touches the new nature and the whimsical landscape of the Botshol, is a garden of which the inner world does not reveal itself.' Says NIO architecten, on the design of Paradise for Two. More

Architecture-Page | Amazing Whale Jaw by NIO architecten

Amazing Whale Jaw

'People often wonder about the building's shape and what it represents, and there are a number of possible answers. A correct answer in architectural terms is that it can be viewed as a large boulder that has been worn away by footsteps and sight lines', Says NIO architecten on the design of The Amazing Whale Jaw More

Architecture-Page | Eleventh House by NIO architecten

Eleventh House

'These three blocks are literally newcomers to the Groenoord-Zuid neighbourhood. They do everything differently...' Says NIO architecten, on the design of The Eleventh House More

Architecture-Page | David and the Hulk by NIO architecten

David and the Hulk

'In order to make a clear distinction between the big waste processing installation and the extension; the relatively small extension is chosen for a different design and use of material' Says NIO architecten, on the design of David and the Hulk. More

Architecture-Page | Aquarians, 22 bridges by NIO architecten

Aquarians, 22 bridges

'The apparently stiff and hard materials are completely embraced by the surface tension and now they are wrenching and bending their teardrop form way from one bank to another quay...' Says NIO architecten, on the design of The Aquarians. More

Architecture-Page | Firm but Fair by JagerJanssen architects BNA

Firm but Fair

'The intersection of a planned green strip and an existing avenue provide an architectural opportunity to this two-storey dwelling' Says JagerJanssen architects BNA, on the design of Firm but Fair. More

Architecture-Page | House HanenDick by JagerJanssen architects BNA

House HanenDick

Designed by JagerJanssen architects BNA, House HanenDick derives its new design from the original farmhouse's silhouette. More

Architecture-Page | Touch of Evil by NIO architecten

Touch of Evil

Designed by NIO architecten, Touch of Evil is a tunnel that is more than a connection between two areas: it is an alien, immeasurable, asymmetrical and disoriented experience. More

Architecture-Page | Office for Ogilvy by Studio Ramin Visch

Office for Ogilvy

"Under the high shed roofs, interior partitions and offices are noticeably absent. The only interruption in this working space (the size of a covered football field) consists of four large patios," says Studio Ramin Visch, the architecture firm responsible for the new design for an office for Ogilvy, Amsterdam. More

Architecture-Page | Restaurant 13 by Johan De Wachter Architects

Restaurant 13

"The restaurant's rigid but elegant structure of steel, stone and bamboo represents an interpretation of the Chinese dining culture. The traditional restaurant typology of 'watching and being watched' is emphasized in the project." says Johan De Wachter Architects, designers of Restaurant 13. More

Architecture-Page | Espressobar by Studio Ramin Visch


A nineteenth century industrial building - listed for preservation - is converted into an espresso bar called "Espressofabriek" (Espresso Factory), in this architectural design by Studio Ramin Visch. More

Architecture-Page | House Kersten by Ronald Janssen Architecten

House Kersten

Designed by Ronald Janssen Architecten, "House Kersten veils its functions. Normal elements that characterize a house like a porch, front door, living room window etc, are hidden deliberately. The detailing supports the concealing." More

Architecture-Page | Folding Walls, Patio Single Family Houses by Casanova + Hernandez Architects

Folding Walls, Patio Single Family Houses

"The 'Folding the Wall' proposal seeks to colonize the space between built elements, gardens, garages, storage spaces and nature by using a 'flexible' element." says Casanova + Hernandez Architects on the design for single family houses. More

Architecture-Page | De Groene stad (the Green city), Floriade 2002 by DP6 architecture studio

De Groene stad (the Green city), Floriade 2002

Designed by DP6 architecture studio, De Groene stad (the Green city), Floriade 2002 is an urban development plan that includes the construction of exhibition-buildings for a wide variety of landscapes. More

Architecture-Page | De Stadstuinen (the City gardens) by DP6 architecture studio

De Stadstuinen (the City gardens)

Designed by DP6 architecture studio, De Stadstuinen (the City gardens) is a residential unit comprising 370 houses constructed atop parking facilities. More

Architecture-Page | Private Residence MW by Thomas Laurens

Private Residence MW

This private residence in Amsterdam, designed as an open social space, employs a subtle palette to shift the focus to individual elements within it. More

Architecture-Page | Living Pavilion by Geen Punt Architecten BNA

Living Pavilion

A light frame encloses the interiors of a residential unit while connecting it to its surround in this extension to an existing housing block as designed by Dutch firm Geen Punt Architecten. More

Architecture-Page | Twin Bridges by Bureau SLA

Twin Bridges

Two ribbons twist and wind to articulate bicycle bridges and the various functions associated with them in this design by Amsterdam based firm Bureau SLA. More

Architecture-Page | Netherlands Public Broadcasting Head Office by COEN! Agency For Design

Netherlands Public Broadcasting Head Office

Colorful accents and superimposed images help project the client's identity through the space occupied in this design by COEN! Agency For Design. More

Architecture-Page | Sabic Europe Head Office by GROUP A

Sabic Europe Head Office

With the design deriving from the core values of the client, space is personalized to a whole new level in the new European head office of the Saudi-Arabian company Sabic. More

Architecture-Page | Office Building, Spijkenisse by MDL Architecten

Office Building, Spijkenisse

The massing of the building is used to convey the feeling of reliability and trust in this design for the office of an insurance company. More

Architecture-Page | Absence Of Light by Hans Moor Architects

Absence Of Light

Innovative lighting and construction materials set apart this design by Hans Moor Architects for a bridge in Rotterdam. More

Architecture-Page | Eindhoven Airport Terminal by M+R interior architects

Eindhoven Airport Terminal

In a nod to Barnett Newman's painting -- Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue -- the Eindhoven Airport Terminal adopts the primary colors to aid its fun. More

Architecture-Page | Cockpit by ONL [Oosterhuis_Lenard]


The Cockpit extends principles of mass production to customized architectural design, creating not just innovative methods of construction, but interesting responses to the design brief. More

Architecture-Page | Chasse Park by West 8

Chasse Park

An innovative use of material, within a constrained colour palette, complimented by playful geometries lends the Chasse Park its distinct identity, binding in its wake the varied context into a coherent urban space. More

Architecture-Page | Netherlands Embassy, Berlin, Germany by OMA

Netherlands Embassy Berlin

The client (Netherlands Embassy, Berlin) demanded a solitary building, integrating requirements of conventional civil service security with Dutch openness. A continuous trajectory reaching all eight stories of the embassy shapes the building's internal communication. More

Architecture-Page | Souterrain, The Hague, Netherlands by OMA

Souterrain, The Hague

The building is a sandwich of a subway line with 2 layers of parking on top and a station at either end. Its stretches out below the main shopping street, repeating its outlines, creating a body of underground connections that serves the city from underneath. More

Architecture-Page | Seattle Central Library by OMA

Seattle Central Library

"The library represents, maybe with the prison, the last of the uncontested moral universes," explains OMA of their refreshingly original approach to its design, creating a building that whilst genetically modifying the typical high rise, emerges both contextual and iconic. More

Architecture-Page | 'Luxury Village' by West 8 urban design & landscape architecture b.v.

Luxury Village

Luxury Village is an exclusive shopping street situated in a new urban development in the forests just outside of Moscow. In addition to 60 high end shops, such as Prada, Gucci, Rolls Royce and Yves Saint Lauren, the street acts as a 'spill out' for a luxury hotel and casino which will be completed in 2006. More

Architecture-Page | Casa Da Musica by OMA

Casa Da Musica

"This century has seen an architecturally frantic attempt to escape from the tyranny of the notorious "shoe-box" shaped concert hall", says OMA. Their recently completed "Casa Da Musica" addresses this claim in an innovative way. More

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