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British Architecture

Architecture of Architects from United Kingdom

This is a listing of architectural projects designed by British architects along with their firm profiles.

British architects

Architecture-Page | pjmvdm, UK


Profile of the British architecture firm pjmvdm, founded by Peter Jan-Marc van der Meer More

Architecture-Page | ecoLogicStudio, UK


Profile of the British architecture firm ecoLogicStudio, founded by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto. More

Architecture-Page | Borgos Architecture, UK

Borgos Architecture

Profile of the British architecture firm Borgos Architecture, led by Etienne Borgos and Nadine Pieper. More

Architecture-Page | Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, UK

Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Profile of the British architecture firm Sarah Wigglesworth Architects. More

Architecture-Page | Alison Brooks Architects Ltd, UK

Alison Brooks Architects Ltd

Profile of the British architecture firm Alison Brooks Architects Ltd. More

Architecture-Page | Sybarite UK Ltd., UK

Sybarite UK Ltd.

Profile of the British architecture firm Sybarite UK Ltd., led by Simon Mitchell and Torquil McIntosh. More

Architecture-Page | Lynch architects, UK

Lynch architects

Profile of the British architecture firm Lynch architects, led by Patrick and Claudia Lynch. More

Architecture-Page | Borgos Dance, UK

Borgos Dance

Profile of the British architecture firm Borgos Dance founded by Simon Dance and Etienne Borgos. More

Architecture-Page | poly.m.ur, UK


Profile of the UK based architectural practice poly.m.ur. More

Architecture-Page | Universal Design Studio, UK

Universal Design Studio

Boasting a client list that includes Stella McCartney, Damien Hirst, Seoul's Lotte department store, Selfridges & Co., Juicy Couture and the London Business School; Universal Design Studio is a multidisciplinary team of architects, interior and industrial designers based in Shoreditch, London More

Architecture-Page | ZM Architecture Ltd., UK

ZM Architecture Ltd.

Profile of ZM Architecture Ltd. Glasgow, United Kingdom More

Architecture-Page | Zaha Hadid Architects, UK

Zaha Hadid Architects

Profile of Zaha Hadid Architects. More

Projects by British architects

Architecture-Page | Cafe|Bar - WunderBAR by pjmvdm

Cafe|Bar - WunderBAR

"We developed a concept for a gastro-space that has the atmosphere of a cafe in the daytime and changes into a cocktail bar in the evenings." says pjmvdm on Cafe|Bar - WunderBAR. More

Architecture-Page | Cremorne Riverside Centre by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

Cremorne Riverside Centre

"The new Cremorne Riverside Centre is designed to replace and existing facility that is currently operating out of two shipping containers." says Sarah Wigglesworth Architects on Cremorne Riverside Centre. More

Architecture-Page | Louise T Blouin Institute by Borgos Dance

Louise T Blouin Institute

"One of the challenges in creating such open and flexible spaces was incorporating all of the elements necessary for exhibitions such as lighting, acoustic treatment, security, power, data, heating, cooling and humidity control. In this sense the project has been an exercise in discretion and concealment." Says Borgos Dance, the architecture and design firm responsible for the design of Louise T Blouin Institute. More

Architecture-Page | Lithic Knot - Jeongok Prehistoric Museum by poly.m.ur

Lithic Knot - Jeongok Prehistoric Museum

Movement and experience are the primary generators in this design for a Prehistoric Museum in South Korea by London based architectural firm poly.m.ur. More

Architecture-Page | Canteen by Universal Design Studio


Situated on the ground floor of the new development by Foster & Partners, Canteen by Universal Design Studio occupies a prime location facing into the iconic Spitalfields market in East London. More

Architecture-Page | Partick Burgh halls by ZMarchitecture

Scotland gets a facelift

Located in Glasgow, Partick Burgh hall was refurbished by the Architecture firm ZMarchitecture in 2004. Now after two years, the work seems to have paid off, as the Scottish people hold it with an admixture of pride and affection. More

Architecture-Page | BMW Central Building, Plant Leipzig by Zaha Hadid Architects

BMW Central Building, Plant Leipzig

Designed by Architect Zaha Hadid, the BMW Central Building represents a radical new interpretation of open office landscape. More

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