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Architecture-Page | "Hayrack" apartments by Ofis arhitekti

"Hayrack" apartments

"The site is the edge of alpine town Cerklje with beautiful views to surrounding fields and mountains." says Ofis arhitekti on "Hayrack" apartments. More

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Architecture-Page | Ochsner House by George Dasic Architects

Ochsner House

"The clients, a Swiss husband, his Japanese wife and their three children, had been living in an apartment at the building right next to the current site, for the last 10 years.", says George Dasic Architects on Ochsner House. More

Architecture-Page | 10 houses by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

10 houses

10 houses, Oita, Japan by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier More

Architecture-Page | C+V house by Giovanni Vaccarini  architects

C+V house

"The idea was to construct a building with an 'inverse' guideline. Instead of being oriented towards the city, looking outward from the hill; the house is completely turned towards the hill", says Giovanni Vaccarini, designer of the C+V house. More

Architecture-Page | Cockpit by ONL [Oosterhuis_Lenard]


The Cockpit extends principles of mass production to customized architectural design, creating not just innovative methods of construction, but interesting responses to the design brief. More

Architecture-Page | Holiday Cottage in the Swiss Alps by EM2N | Mathias Mueller | Daniel Niggli

Holiday Cottage in the Swiss Alps

"The topography, character and quality of the location are seldom taken into account in the planning. The houses could just as well come from the catalogue of a company that supplies ready-made homes, their architectural expression is accordingly arbitrary." says Architekten EM2N | Mathias Mueller | Daniel Niggli on Holiday Cottage in the Swiss Alps. More

Architecture-Page | K B Center Library Building by Waltritsch A+U

K B Center Library Building

A contemporary architectural vocabulary is delicately inserted into the historical fabric in the design for a new library building in the Italian city of Gorizia. More

Architecture-Page | Casa Williamson by FoRo Arquitectos (Fournier-Rojas Arquitectos)

Casa Williamson

"The house plan is elongated for natural cross ventilation and to exploit fabulous views of the ocean and the mountains.", says FoRo Arquitectos (Fournier-Rojas Arquitectos) on Casa Williamson. More

Architecture-Page | Beverly Skyline Residence by Bercy Chen Studio LLP

Beverly Skyline Residence

"The property owner is an attorney by profession but enjoyed being intimately involved with the planning and execution of the design, even physically building and landscaping much of the grounds; the project was truly a labor of love." says Bercy Chen Studio LP, designers of the Beverly Skyline Residence. More

Architecture-Page | Ebeling House by

Ebeling House

Ebeling House "looks like a molded wood block, like a prototype", says the architecture firm about it's creation. More

Architecture-Page | Casa Da Musica by OMA

Casa Da Musica

"This century has seen an architecturally frantic attempt to escape from the tyranny of the notorious "shoe-box" shaped concert hall", says OMA. Their recently completed "Casa Da Musica" addresses this claim in an innovative way. More

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